What I Bought:
My First Bazaar

Yokosuka Schools (Kinnick High School and the two elementary schools) used to host semiannual bazaars at which vendors from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Asian countries exhibited their wares. A percentage of the proceeds (typically $100,000 per event) went to the schools. In October, 1997, I contributed some. ;-)  Since my first bazaar, I have added a "few" more items to my collection of Oriental furnishings.  See my current apartment.
 A noren (divided curtain) hangs in the doorway from the hall into the tatami room.
Tatami are woven mats 3' by 6' so Japanese homes are "measured" by the number of tatami mats. In my first apartment, I had a six tatami room which I furnished with zabuton (floor cushions) and
an unusual blue  kimono on an antique kimono stand and
an old chow table refinished by the husband of one of the Kinnick teachers. It may be used for serving tea or a meal. The table may be moved aside at night and a futon placed on the floor for sleeping.
This ranma is a six foot long carving which used to hang above a doorway. 
Closeup of the ranma.