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Designing Home Pages: Preconstruction Considerations

Introduction to HTML

Here's The Minimum Language: a very brief overview.
Writing HTML: a tutorial at Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction.
HTML Goodies includes tutorials and primers.
Cool Home Pages Web Design Gallery

TIP: To see how a web page designer created a page with a feature you admire, click on "View". Select "Page Source."

Image Sources

Awesome Clip Art for Educators: Kid & family-friendly clip art.
Discovery School Clip Art Gallery (limited to ten images).
Barry's Clip Art has a large collection of free graphics.
Animation Factory's MediaBuilder supplies animated graphics and links to online tools.
Pics4Learning: Copyright-friendly photographic images for education.
Nekochan's Graphics: Japanese icons and animated gifs.

TIP: To capture a graphic you like, right click on it and select "Save image as."  Remember to keep all your graphics in the same subdirectory or folder as your web pages.

Sites that explain HTML in more detail:
Hypertext Markup Language from the creators of the World Wide Web.
Webmaster Reference Library offers advanced topics.

Designing HTML documents so they look good and are easy to read:
Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide.

updated March, 2007
Janet Murray