Where I've Been

Kamakura is a popular tourist attraction because it is the site of many historic temples. It is located close to my home in Hayama.  The annual cherry tree festival is a rite of spring.

Hakone, featuring a close-up view of Mt. Fuji, is also within driving distance of my home.

Black Ship Festival in Shimoda, Japan.

Hiroshima and Miyajima in southern Honshu.

Kyushu is the southernmost island of Japan.

Spring Break (1998): Two Quakes! But I was in Singapore.

Christmas (2000) in Thailand.

Spring Break and Winter Holiday 2002 in China.

Christmas 2003 in Australia.

Singapore Reprise: Farewell to the Far East (Thanksgiving, 2007)

Sayonara Nippon: Murrays in Japan, Spring, 2008