About World Wide Web Pages

Teacher/ Period:  
What are the 5W's of web site evaluation? (reprinted with permission)  
Look at the following web sites and answer the questions about them.  
1. The White House Who owns or supports this site?  
How can you find out? See whodunit in the menu frame. Information about the ownership of a website is often in a page called "about us."  
2.  Get your aluminum foil deflector beanie here - do you think it will protect you? Y/N
Why or why not?  
3. Look at The Dangers of Bread.  
Do these statistics seem accurate? Y/N
What do they mean?  
4. Look at the MoonBeam Enterprise site. Would you buy a building site from these people? Y/N
Why or why not?  
5. Read about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. Do you believe what it says? Y/N
Why or why not?  
Next time you look at a web page to use for school research, what will you THINK about?

What would you tell your younger brother or sister (or another younger student) about evaluating web sites?

Exercise designed by Janet Murray. Last updated September, 2012.